Daily Crypto News | 30.11.2020

1- Bitcoin reaches a new all time high, topping out at $19,850.
2- Bitcoin mining difficulty is at all time high.
3- Crypto OTC trade volumes are at all time high.
4- Digital Assets Production Center of the Bolivarian Army of Venezuela officially starts crypto mining, using ASIC equipment.
5- Russian state-owned Sberbank is planning to release a blockchain trading platform with it’s native token Sbercoin.
6- Tyler Winklevoss reportedly told CNBC that “Cash is trash.”
7- Stop-loss run at Kraken Exchange causes $BTC price to dump $3,000 to 16,600 level for a brief amount of time.
8- Yet another merger has been announced with Yearns Finance, this time teaming up with Akropolis.
9- According to data provided by Bybt, Grayscale Investments acquired 7,351 BTC in the past week.
10- Chicago Mercantile Exchange (CME) has passed OKEx, taking the first place on Bitcoin Futures.
11- Coinbase announced their support for ethereum 2.0, users will be able to convert their $ETH into $ETH2 and start earning staking rewards.
12- Huobi announced their support for their users to join ethereum 2.0 staking with a minimum amount of 0.1 $ETH.
13- ETH 2.0 contract balance is at 865,056.
14- Tezos is planning to add Zcash’s Sapling protocol to its code to integrate shielded transactions.
15- Gold sinks 14% down since its all time high in August.
16- 270.97974 BTC had been moved from the 2016 Bitfinex hack. Total BTC in their possession is worth approximately $2.3B.
17- “While noting stablecoins are trying to fix those issues and could drive added innovation in payments, they pose serious risks.” — Christine Lagarde, President of European Central Bank.
18- Chinese mining equipment manufacturer Canaan released their quarterly reports, posting a net loss of $12.5M.
19- BitTorrent (BTT) is the highest gainer in top 100 list with a 17.8% daily profit.
20- Numerai (NMR) is the highest loser in top 100 list with a 4.7% daily loss.




Industrial Designer, Design Researcher.

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Deniz Derin ÖZER

Deniz Derin ÖZER

Industrial Designer, Design Researcher.

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