Daily Crypto News | 29.12.2020

1- Ripple’s lawsuit is set to be on February 22, 2021.
2- Anthony Scaramucci’s $9.3B AUM company SkyBridge Capital has already invested $182M in Bitcoin.
3- Grayscale Investments’ total AUM surpasses $19B.
4- Simplex becomes a Visa Principal Member.
5- Canada based company NexTech AR is planning to by Bitcoin using their $2M worth of treasury funds.
6- CME becomes the biggest Bitcoin futures exchange by the number of open contracts.
7- Crypto.com will be delisting $XRP on January 19, 2021.
8- eToro_Official is said to be consulting with Goldman Sachs for a possible upcoming $5B.
9- Japanese firm GMO is now licensed to offer a $JPY backed stablecoin in NY.
10- Russell Okung is the first NFL player to be paid in Bitcoin.
11- Lebrija, Spain is launching their digital currency Elia as stimulus, families will be given from €20 to €200 to be spent at local businesses.
12- Bitcoin is up 0.2% at $27,075.
13- Dynamic Set Dollar (DSD) is the highest gainer in top 100 list with a 76.2% daily profit.
14- XRP (XRP) is the highest loser in top 100 list with a 14.7% daily loss.
15- $BTC = $BTC | 1 Satoshi is 1 Satoshi.



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