Daily Crypto News | 28.01.2021

1- eSafety Commissioner of Australia suggests that blockchain could be the way to fight online abuse and trolling.
2- Guggenheim’s CIO Scott Minerd said that institutional demand is not enough to support Bitcoin above $30K.
3- Tyler Toomey has filed a lawsuit against Ripple Labs over a $48.56 loss.
4- Reddit partners with ethereum Foundation.
5- Grayscale Investments has filed five new coin trust registrations, preparing for the DeFi future.
6- SBI and SMFG are partnering to launch a digital securities exchange in 2022.
7- Robinhood suspends buying $GME.
8- According to a survey done by Binance, only 11% of crypto holders are using their digital assets to pay for goods and services on daily basis.
9- Ray Dalio calls Bitcoin “one hell of an invention.”
10- Coinbase is planning for their IPO coming later this year.
11- Kingfisher Capital acquires 10,667 $GBTC.
13- dogecoin’s tweet volume surpasses Bitcoin’s with a 1800% daily spike.
14- $BTC = $BTC | 1 Satoshi is 1 Satoshi.



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