Daily Crypto News | 27.01.2021

1- eToro’s 2020 revenue is announced to be $600M.
2- Iran is reportedly planning to block Signal messenger.
3- Circle’s new $USDC API will be enabling seamless transactions between CeFi and DeFi.
4- Ripple is now facing a class-action lawsuit by Florida, being alleged with violating securities laws.
5- Dutch Bitonic exchange is filing a claim against the central bank over the controversial KYC rule.
6- Bitcoin price momentarily dips below $30K.
7- Canada-based Ninepoint Partners has launched their Bitcoin trust at Toronto Stock Exchange.
8- New iOS update fixes crypto wallet vulnerabilities.
9- Miami uploads Bitcoin whitepaper to their whitepaper.
10- Bitcoin is down 1.4% at $31.502.
11- GNY (GNY) is the highest gainer in the top 100 list with a 45.9% daily profit.
12- NearProtocol (NEAR) is the highest loser in the top 100 list with a 10.8% daily loss.
13- $BTC = $BTC | 1 Satoshi is 1 Satoshi.



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