Daily Crypto News | 26.02.2021

1- Komodo has launched AtomicDEX.
2- FCA has published a 108-page report on the Fintech sector in the UK, emphasizing 5 key concepts; Regulations, social aspects, investment, international action plans, and national connectivity.
3- Cardano becomes the third biggest coin by market cap.
4- Ghana’s central bank has launched a fintech innovation pilot.
5- JPMorgan endorses 1% of total allocation into Bitcoin.
6- Beeple’s Crossroads NFT has been resold for $6.6 million on Nifty Gateway.
7- Kraken seeks a $10B valuation in an upcoming funding round.
8- Switzerland’s 170-year-old financial institution Bordier & Cie has announced a partnership with Sygnum for crypto trading.
9- The Ministry of Energy of the Republic of Belarus announced that they are exploring the pros and cons of crypto mining.
10- Coinbase alleges Binance of selling unregulated services to its customers based in the U.S, “without penalty.”
11- Singapore to use blockchain technology to track COVID-19 test results.
12- CoinDesk’s Youtube channel has been suspended.
13- Bitcoin trades at a 46% Premium in Nigeria, after the crypto ban.
14- Grayscale Investments is reportedly considering DeFi products.
15- Bitcoin is down 3.4% at $45.937.
16- The Arweave Project (AR) is the highest gainer in the top 100 list with a 10.8% daily profit.
17- ZKSwap (ZKS) is the highest loser in the top 100 list with a 25.7% daily loss.
18- $BTC = $BTC | 1 Satoshi is 1 Satoshi.



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