Daily Crypto News | 25.12.2020

1- Bitcoin sees another all-time-high, topping at $24.6K.
2- Bitstamp halts $XRP trades.
3- Decentralized exchange 1inch issued their own governance & utility token running on ethereum blockchain. Wallets that have interacted with 1inch will be given the token as an airdrop
4- EXMO hackers withdraw stolen funds via Poloniex.
5- Binance supports SegWit.
6- MoneyGram officially stated “… will continue to monitor for any potential impact as developments in the lawsuit evolve,” about the current Ripple lawsuit.
7- Bitcoin is up 3.6% at $24,575.
8- Litecoin.Com (LTC) is the highest gainer in top 100 list with a 12.5% daily profit.
9- Dynamic Set Dollar (DSD) is the highest loser in top 100 list with a 65.4% daily loss.
10- $BTC = $BTC | 1 Satoshi is 1 Satoshi.