Daily Crypto News | 25.02.2021

Deniz Derin ÖZER
2 min readFeb 26, 2021


1- Bitcoin miner from 2010 moves 100 $BTC after 11 years of inactivity.
2- ethereum DEX volumes see an all-time high topping above $120B.
3- India’s largest cryptocurrency exchange Unocoin has adopted Unstoppable Domains.
4- Former MLB player Micah Johnson sells $2M worth of NFTs, with $1M worth of it being sold under 1 minute.
5- Football gaming startup Sorare raised $50M in funding round led by Benchmark.
6- Supercar manufacturer Mazzanti Automobili is launching security token offering on Luxembourg-based regulated digital marketplace STOKR.
7- Berkshire Hathaway vice-chairman Charlie Munger has said, “I don’t think Bitcoin is going to end up [being] a medium exchange for the world. It’s too volatile to serve well as a medium of exchange.”
8- FTX launches a new futures contract for those who want to bet on the likelihood of the 2021 Tokyo Olympic Games occurring.
9- Mt. Gox creditors will be voting on a draft compensation proposal, in October.
10- 1inch has announced expansion to Binance Smart Chain, also to run a node. They will be using 1M $1INCH tokens to provide liquidity for the ethereum & BSC brdige.
11- Anchorage has raised $80M in a funding round led by the Singapore-based wealth fund GIC.
12- Ebang announced their plans to expand business to mine Litecoin and dogecoin.
13- Solarisbank AG expanding their crypto custody business into providing licensed brokerage and trading.
14- Canada-based CI Global files to launch ethereum futures that will trade on the Toronto Stock Exchange dubbed $ETHX.
15- Coinbase CEO Brian Armstrong was paid a total of $60M in salary, in2020.
16- ARCA to launch Bitcoin trust.
17- Investors in the UK can now integrate crypto holdings with their legacy bank accounts, using the Money Dashboard app.
18- Wyoming has introduced a bill for a filing system using blockchain technology.
19- Block.one joins LACChain Global Alliance.
20- Bitcoin is down 6.1% at $47.434.
21- Enjin (ENJ) is the highest gainer in the top 100 list with an 8.6% daily profit.
22- ZKSwap (ZKS) is the highest loser in the top 100 list with a 62.8% daily loss.
23- $BTC = $BTC | 1 Satoshi is 1 Satoshi.



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