Daily Crypto News | 17.05.2021

1- Bitcoin market dominance falls to 40%.
2- Bitcoin price falls to $42,000.
3- Coinbase Wallet Chrome extension is now live.
4- Coinbase share price falls below $250.
5- Bloomberg reports Bank of America has joined Paxos Settlement Service.
6- Polygon's active user count sees a new all-time high of 75,000, with 93 functioning decentralized apps.
7- Gavin Wood has announced that Polkadot is commencing the final stage of the mainnet launch.
8- Dorsey’s tweet NFT buyer Sina Estavi is reportedly arrested in Iran for disrupting the economic system.
9- The self-proclaimed mobile crypto mining app Pi Network’s users’ personal data are allegedly leaked.
10- Almost all Bitcoin mining pools signal support for Taproot.
11- Vitalik Buterin burns $6.7B worth of $SHIB.
12- Galaxy Digital estimates global banking consumes more than double the amount of energy compared to Bitcoin.
13- An announcement from a spokesperson of Iran’s Ministry of Energy states cryptocurrency mining using household electricity is not legal and will heavily be charged upon discovery.
14- Bitcoin is down 5.9% at $43,240.
15- Aave (AAVE) is the highest gainer in the top 100 list with an 8.7% daily profit.
16- Cosmos (ATOM) is the highest loser in the top 100 list with a 13.2% daily loss.
17- 1 Bitcoin is 1 Bitcoin | 1 Satoshi is 1 Satoshi.




Industrial Designer, Design Researcher.

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Deniz Derin ÖZER

Deniz Derin ÖZER

Industrial Designer, Design Researcher.

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