Daily Crypto News | 17.02.2021

1- Bitcoin sees a new all-time high, topping above $51,000.
2- MicroStrategy raised their $600M senior note offering to $900M.
3- Blockchain.com has raised $120M in funding round.
4- 3 North Koreans charged over crypto attacks by the US DoJ.
5- Postal Savings Bank of China has created a hardware wallet with biometrics technology to be used with the digital yuan project.
6- Mastercard has partnered with the Central Bank of the Bahamas to launch a CBDC card.
7- Sweden will continue to explore CBDCs until 2022.
8- $BTC volatility is lower than 2017 Dec levels.
9- Bitcoin has sold at a 36% premium in Nigeria.
10- Microsoft president Brad Smith said “I haven’t heard any new conversation about Bitcoin. But let me just say, if we change our investment policy on Bitcoin, Julia, you will be the first or at least the second to know.” in a CNN interview after being asked whether Microsoft is planning on a Tes-like $BTC investment.
11- Mining equipment manufacturer Ebang announced that they will be mining for themselves.
12- Tesla made the acquisition through Coinbase.
13- Coinseed faces fraud charges.
14- Coinbase hires former Stripe CCO Melissa Strait as their new compliance executive.
15- Coinbase gets $77B valuation from Nasdaq.
16- DeFi Crypto Index launched by Bitwise.
17- Dubai free zone now accepts Bitcoin.
18- India is planning to tax crypto, while still not implying legality.
19- $BTC = $BTC | 1 Satoshi is 1 Satoshi.

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