Daily Crypto News | 14.12.2020

Deniz Derin ÖZER
2 min readDec 14, 2020


1- Treasury Department gets hacked. Bitcoin didn’t.
2- Microsoft and EY will be collaborating to implement a financial system based on blockchain which will allow Xbox stakeholders including users and creators to manage payments and royalty contracts.
3- Jack Dorsey’s Square Crypto announced their 8th Bitcoin user experience grant, since their launch in 2019 summer, this will be their 20th grant to support the development of Bitcoin.
4- VC firm Bloccelerate raised $12M which will be allocated in blockchain enterprise adoption and applications based on ethereum protocols.
5- Ukranian billionaire Ihor Kolomoisky had reportedly been mining Bitcoin in his steel plant located in US.
6- Band Protocol is the first blockchain company to join the OpenAPI Spec initiative alongside with tech giants like Google and Microsoft.
7- Nexus Mutual CEO Hugh Karp’s wallet has been hacked for $8M worth of $NXM tokens.
8- Swiss crypto bank Sygnum tokenized their shares as they are working on their coming IPO.
9- JPMorgan strategists say MassMutual’s Bitcoin investment can trigger $600B of institutional money to flow into crypto.
10- People’s Bank of China’s (PBoC) former governor Zhou Xiaochuan says digital yuan will not replace global currencies.
11- OKEx and Binance’s digital payments provider Banxa is preparing for their listing on Canadian Toronto Stock Exchange (TSX).
12- Tether’s $USDT market cap hits $20B.
13- Over 160,000 $ETH has been staked for ethereum 2.0 in Kraken Exchange.
14- Litigation token feature Initial Litigation Offering (ILO) has been launched on Turkish Cornell professor Emin Gün Sirer’s Avalanche blockchain. (For more detail: Ava Labs)
15- For recent exchange listings, check: cryptonews.com
16- Binance lists Juventus FC and Paris Saint-Germain fan tokens to be farmed with launchpool staking.
17- Bitcoin is up 0.9% at $19,245.
18- {ess} (ESD) is the highest gainer in top 100 list with a 21.6% daily profit.
19- Energy Web Token (EWT) is the highest loser in top 100 list with a 7.3% daily loss.



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