Daily Crypto News | 05.01.2021

1- Bitcoin is back above $34,000.
2- OCC published a letter saying that federally regulated institutions can now act as a node on blockchain, use stablecoins to conduct payments, and validate transactions.
3- JPMorgan announced their Bitcoin price prediction of $146,000.
4- Blockchain.com is halting $XRP trades effective January 14.
5- UK based multi billion asset management company Tetragon Financial Group LTD, who led Ripple’s $200M funding round back in December 2019 is now suing them.
6- World’s biggest slot machine manufacturer, the gambling giant IGT has patented a way for gamblers to fund their bets with Bitcoin.
7- VC firm Andreessen Horowitz aka “a16z” becomes the latest opponent of FinCEN’s recently proposed regulation.
8- Jack Dorsey warns FinCEN that the proposed regulation will drive crypto investors offshore.
9- Roughly 6,000 comments have been submitted to FinCEN regarding the issue.
10- CEO CZ tweeted that Binance had seen an all time high at daily trading volume, surpassing $80B.
11- Aavegotchi is postponing the launch of their game to a further date because of the “insanely high ethereum gas costs”, also stating they are considering to migrate to the Matic Network to benefit from their layer 2 scaling solution.
12- The crypto friendly trading app Revolut, is reportedly warning its users to be careful with $XRP trades.
13- BitPay’s CCO Sonny Singh predicts that Bitcoin can reach $45K in the next month.
14- The number of whales who are holding at least 1M $XRP tokens in their wallets have plummeted to 1,567 rom 1,721.
15- Grayscale Investments has announced that they have liquidated their $XRP holdings to acquire more Bitcoin, Bitcoin Cash and Litecoin.
16- Bitcoin.com’s co-founder and former CEO Mate Tokay is suing TRON oracle Bridge Oracle over 37.5M unpaid $BRG
17- DeFi TVL sees an all time high, surpassing $20B.
18- ethereum average transaction fee almost doubled in one day, seeing an all time high above $17.4
19- Cryptocurrency broker Voyager Digital announced their 75% revenue rise in Q4.
20- CoinDesk acquired TradeBlock.
21- Canaan is releasing their liquid cooled Avalon Immersion Cooling Miner with a hashrate of 50Th/s, which is equal to Bitmain’s S17 Pro.
22- LCX Exchange is now licensed in Liechtenstein to expand their security token services and aid banks to generate their own tokens
23- Argentina based Ripio has acquired Brazil’s second largest cryptocurrency exchange BitcoinTrade.
24- OKEx is issuing 10M $OKT tokens while their mainnet enters the Genesis stage.
25- Mark Cuban said he’ll be running for president if $BTC hits $1M.
26- A 37 year old Bitcoin trader in Hong Kong had been robbed and pushed out of car
27- Bitcoin is up 6.9% at $33.813.
28- Loopring Protocol (LRC) is the highest gainer in top 100 list with a 36.7% daily profit.
29- Ampleforth (AMPL) is the highest loser in top 100 list with a 8.6% daily loss.
30- $BTC = $BTC | 1 Satoshi is 1 Satoshi.



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