1- Bitcoin is back above $50K.
2- SEC subpoenas Circle.
3- Bitcoin mining company Link Global Technologies faces a $5.6M penalty for unauthorized power plant operation.
4- Sky Mavis raises $152M in a Series B funding round.
5- Facebook, WhatsApp, and Instagram have gone offline for 6 hours.
6- Arab Bank Switzerland to offer Tezos…

1- The Federal Reserve Governor Lael Brainard says: “Given the potential for CBDCs to gain prominence in cross-border payments and the reserve currency role of the dollar, it is vital for the United States to be at the table in the development of cross-border standard.”
2- Former White House advisor Faryar…

1- Bitcoin sees $40,000 levels.
2- Huobi reportedly suspends futures trading.
3- Bank of Korea is looking for a partnership to build the national CBDC.
4- 3 Bitcoin mining companies in China to halt operations.
5- Uganda’s Financial Intelligence Authority is seeking crypto regulations.
6- Bitcoin is up 17.6% at $39,385.
7- Polygon (MATIC) is the…

1- Chinese FUD brings Bitcoin back to $34,000 levels.
2- Iran’s Ministry of Intelligence is enlisted to crack down on illegal cryptocurrency mining operations.
3- BASF and Evonik partner with the German Commerzbank, testing blockchain technology for their supply chain operations.
4- BitMEX pledges going carbon neutral.
5- Greenpeace no longer accepts Bitcoin donations.

1- DeFi protocol PancakeBunny on Binance Smart Chain is exploited for $200M.
2- The Rotterdam District Court has ruled Bitonic exchange to no longer require wallet registration.
3- Australian federal minister, Senator Jane Hume said “We take no issue with consumers investing in cryptocurrencies.”
4- British soccer team Manchester City to debut an…

1- Bitcoin plummets to $30,400.
2- Kimchi premium is back with a 12.5% more expensive Bitcoin in South Korea.
3- The acting comptroller of the currency, Michael Hsu requests staff to review the crypto industry rules and guidelines that are set under the former comptroller Brian Brooks’ administration, stating his concerns over…

1- 500,000 users’ data (2018) from the Turkish BtcTurk exchange were leaked.
2- Ernst & Young to invest $100M into DeFi.
3- Fox partners with Rick and Morty co-creator Dan Harmon to launch an animated series “curated entirely on the Blockchain.”
4- Coinbase is seeking to raise $1.25B from a private offering for…

1- Bitcoin market dominance falls to 40%.
2- Bitcoin price falls to $42,000.
3- Coinbase Wallet Chrome extension is now live.
4- Coinbase share price falls below $250.
5- Bloomberg reports Bank of America has joined Paxos Settlement Service.
6- Polygon's active user count sees a new all-time high of 75,000, with 93 functioning decentralized…

Deniz Derin ÖZER

Industrial Designer, Design Researcher.

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